Oakdale United Methodist Church
Saturday, November 17, 2018
Praise God, Love Others, Grow Spiritually, and Share Jesus!

From the Pastor

I once heard the true story of a church who took a most unusual offering. It was the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Near the end of the worship service that day, the minister said these words:

“We have already collected our morning offering, but today we are going to have a second offering.  At Thanksgiving, we are highly conscious of God’s unconstrained giving to us of countless blessing undeserved. Many of us enjoy the satisfaction of having an abundance of good things.


“But there are some among us who are carrying heavy burdens. Things are not going well. There are not enough resources to meet life’s severe demands on their families.


“Therefore, as the offering plates are passed to you a second time, put in as much as you feel you can as a love gift to God for your blessings.  Whatever extra we collect will be used to increase our support to local mission projects.


“But for you who are in times of financial crisis – whether you are a member or simply a friend of this church – when the offering plates come before you, we want you not to give but to receive. We ask you to take from the offering, to take what you need, for it does not belong to the building but to the Body.


“This is what the church should be: a community that loves one another enough to be bonded together in relationships of sharing.”

As the offering plates were passed, dollars overflowed the rims. The minister also noticed that a number of people did, in a spirit of thanks, take from the offering. They did so with tears in their eyes.


What would happen if we did that here? Would people give generously? I think they might. But would people feel comfortable enough to take or would they feel self-conscious? Could such an offering happen at Oakdale United Methodist Church – an offering of thanksgiving and generosity?


On that day, in that church, it was true: “There was no one among them who was in need.” (Acts 4:34).




Pastor Michelle